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Purify your air as you heat it up with our PureHeat Products. We have products for all your needs indoor and out. Click below to browse the different heat products that we offer.

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Pure Air 3000

Transforming indoor air into fresh, healthy air for you and your family.


What we do:

We provide products to improve your indoor air quality and your health.


The goal:

Ultimately our aim is to educate, so an informed decision can be made concerning your well-being.

The benefits to using our products

The benefits of using our products are that they will improve your air quality, skin sensitivity, and the comfort of your home or place of business. Contact us today to find out more by calling (423) 791-5563 or by simply filling out this form GET IN TOUCH

Lysa Vestal

Lysa Vestal – Owner Operator

Licensed Residential Contractor

As a licensed Residential Building Contractor, I am able to perform visual assessments, to make informed suggestions that will improve the property and improve the Indoor Environment. I am able to perform most necessary upgrades, additions, renovations, and repairs. Your home is important. Invest in your home and in piece of mind.

Mold Inspector

As a certified Mold Inspector, I am trained in sample collection, and the required chain of custody regarding the sample. Results are studied at an accredited laboratory and all samples have an in-depth report as to the findings. I have the most up to date equipment to perform the necessary testing so the environment can be correctly assessed.


As a CBA, I am able to assess a given environment and after testing is performed and results are reviewed I can determine the most appropriate and effective treatment to resolve the present issue. My training assures correct protocol is followed and the knowledge to develop a protocol for long lasting results for an on going improved environment.

What Our Customers are Saying

I am an asthmatic and the pureAir 3000 unit has helped me so much. My children also have severe seasonal allergies, and it has also helped give them some relief. I don’t know how we lived without our unit, it is one of the best health investments we’ve ever made.

Hillary E.

Our air purifier is an ongoing part of our ‘healthy choices plan’. As a business owner, facing the public in any state of their medical status, we feel the purifier is one more means of not only protecting ourselves, but our customers as well!  Thank You for servicing us! You are doing a great thing for those you care so much about!

Tony H.

I am a smoker.  I love my air purifier even though I smoke in my house, but it does not smell like smoke because of the pureAir 3000. It makes the air smell clean along with my house. I would recommend anyone, get one, even if you are not a smoker like me. It is easy to use and cleaning the unit is so easy. And the benefits of it are amazing.

Crystal G.


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East Tennessee


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