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Indoor Air Quality

Make the Change to a Better Environment


What we do:

We educate homeowners/businesses to improve your indoor air quality and your buildings health.


The goal:

Ultimately our aim is to educate, and an educated customer is better able to make an informed decision regarding their Indoor Air Quality for themselves and their families or employees.

The benefits of using our products and services

The benefits of using our products and services are that they will improve your air quality, skin sensitivity, and the comfort of your home or place of business. Contact us today to find out more by calling 423-791-5563/423-791-2090 or by simply filling out this form GET IN TOUCH

Lysa Vestal
Lysa Vestal – Owner Operator

Licensed Residential Contractor

As licensed Residential Building Contractors, We are able to perform visual assessments, to make informed suggestions that will improve the property and improve the Indoor Environment. We are able to perform most necessary upgrades, additions, renovations, and repairs. Your home/business is important. An investment in your piece of mind.

Mold Inspector

As certified Mold Inspectors, We are trained in sample collection, and the required chain of custody regarding the sample. Results are studied at an accredited laboratory and all samples have an in-depth report as to the findings. We have the most up to date equipment to perform the necessary testing so the environment can be correctly assessed. And Remember sometimes a simple Sanitization is all that needed.


As a CBA, I am able to assess a given environment and after testing is performed and results are reviewed I can determine the most appropriate and effective treatment to resolve the present issue. My training assures correct protocol is followed and the knowledge to develop a protocol for long lasting results for an on going improved environment.

What Our Customers are Saying

My name is Sheri, my husband and I purchase properties. Sometimes it is necessary to be very proactive with the Air Quality in these properties as you just don’t know what ocurred in them. I purchased a 3000 Sq. Ft. coverage purifier from The True Healthy You to do the heavy work with the Air Quality. Each time I use the unit it does what I expect. It removes and  kills lingering air quality issues. It is well worth the investment.

Sheri R.

Boones Creek Baptist Church pruchased a 300 Sq. FT. Air Purifing unit as well as 50 Sq. Ft. units .  They were purchased specifically for the Nursery and Primary departments. We placed the 3000 sq. ft. unit on a bracket in the hallway to provide coverage in those spaces, as well as a 50 sq. ft. unit in each bathroom. These purifiers have proven to be very good at killing germs and keeping the space fresh. They destroy the odors and we think they serve the purpose intended.

Boones Creek Baptist Church

Working with Lysa was the best decision that I’ve ever made!

Justin B.


(423) 791-5563


East Tennessee


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